30578 STEP Computer Academy Team #1 – Competitions Crackers

FLL 2019

Competition Crackers:




The FLL stands for FIRST LEGO League.

FLL is a fun and helpful way to spend time because first of all you are having fun and learning interesting things like coding, building robots, doing research and competing with others!


Eileen is happy to be here!


Emiliano is testing his mission


Emiliano and Eileen are trying to find information for the project.

You can know more about FLL here: http://www.firstlegoleague.org/


Our Team

Our team’s name is Competition Crackers.

We are Adam, Eileen, Emiliano, Tymur, Ishan and Aayaan. And this is our amazing logo!

Credits: Tymur for the name, Eileen for the logo, everyone for the motto ?

We are always positive, funny and cooperative!


Set-unboxing challenge done!


Our Robot Game

We are doing 5 missions on the City Shaper map:


Tymur is testing his mission



Ishan and Aayaan running the mission



Just won extra 20 points!!!


Design and Build

Tymur is happy to introduce the best building design.



Please help the old lady to swing!


Having fun!

To have fun together is great! Our Core Values practices help us a lot.

Ishan and Eileen are staring on the pencil


 Our Research

Competition Crackers is a focused team and our mission is to prevent lead poisoning. We made lots of research and we looked at some schools in Seattle School District which get lead poisoning and try to find a solution to prevent it.

Aayaan is looking through the schools’ lists

Adam is working on estimating the cost


Our Robot

Our robot’s name is “Tank12” And it is stable and does not break easily. It is heavy and performs any job easily.

Also, he has a tween brother “Tank21” They are identical tweens!

Tank 12 and Tank 21 are posing together


Our Competition

On Sunday, December 8 we will go to the Regional Competition to Glacier Peak HS, Snohomish, WA, USA

Please support us because we are Competition Crackers and We Are Soup-Herb!