Learning Options

Professional Education

Professional Education you will receive is very different from conventional computer courses. In just 2.5 years, you will gain a solid theoretical basis and strong practical skills in your chosen specialty. Using professional tools, hands on practice in cutting edge projects with top-notch instructors, many students find they are ready to start working before graduation.

Junior Computer Academy

STEP Junior Computer Academy is computer education for children from 9 to 14 years old to introduce them to the exciting world of computers and get the most of value from time spent in front of the screen. At STEP Junior Computer Academy children get both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Our practicing tutors will show how to develop sites, design and develop robots, create own games, animate characters, securely work with search systems and master photo and video shooting. We will help your child to make an early successful start in IT area to advance later to a future profession. Computers will no longer be just a toy for a child, but a tool for creation of own projects and maybe one day reach the level of the world famous businesses.

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Group courses

STEP Computer Academy workshops are a right education form for people who want to learn some particular topic in short term, boost their knowledge, or enhance resume/portfolio. Small groups, reasonable tuition, and best teachers – we did it the way you like it.

Computer courses for beginners

Computer courses on web technologies

Computer courses on Internet technologies

Individual courses

At STEP Computer Academy, you can get private lessons to learn something from scratch or just to boost your knowledge in certain area. Lessons are 1-1 with teacher on campus. First lesson is free and is used to meet with a teacher, discuss your interests and goals, adapt learning program to your needs, and define convenient lessons schedule. Duration of the course depends on your goals, but usually is about 2-3 months. You can come with friend or relative, forma a small group, and save on tuition. On completion, when particular course objectives are met, students receive our certificate, and for authorized courses - international professional certificate.

Computer courses for beginners

Computer courses on web technologies