STEP IT Academy -
is the fastest growing international
educational institution
specializing in

Founded in 1999


STEP IT is the biggest Cisco and Autodesk
authorized learning center.
STEP IT students can earn international
certificates free of charge.

Our instructors have extensive experience
in IT Industry. They teach what is not written
in textbooks.

Success of STEP IT Academy is Based on the Following Principles:

Teachers – real IT professionals
Close integration with IT industry
Use of advanced technologies in teaching
Modern equipment and computers
Modern education and unique methodology
Authorized methods of learning
The main goal – success of the students

STEP IT graduates work for some of the largest IT-companies in more than 36 countries:

Upon graduation, STEP IT students receive a STEP IT Academy Diploma as well as international certificates
from partner companies.
STEP IT curriculum is developed and continuously updated by our leading industry experts. IT professionals from around the globe recognize our training material as one of the best in the industry.
Alex Tumanov, head of "Software Development" department headquartered in Odessa, Ukraine, recipient of multiple IT-Awards for his contribution to IT-education.
Vyacheslav Kalashnikov, Head of "Networking and System Administration", headquartered in Odessa, Ukraine. Has earned over 200 international certificates on networking technologies.

Awards and Recognitions

TIME Magazine named EnableTalk, STEP IT students’ project, one of the 10 best inventions of the year alongside Google Glass, Curiosity Mars Rover and Tesla Model S electric vehicle. EnableTalk is a touch glove that translates sign language into speech. It was created by four Ukrainian STEP IT students in 2012.