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Coding Competition Preparation Sessions

1 Dec. 2022

Coding Competition Preparation Sessions for kids grades 6-12. Sessions focus: preparation for the coding competition season. We’ll cover what competitions are available to the kids, how they have to prepare for them, ...

Winter IT Camps at STEP

2 Nov. 2022

Winter break begins soon and we have prepared a new program of workshops to fill your child’s Winter Break with fun and useful activities. Topics: Robotics, Minecraft Mods, Game Development, ...

2021 CCSE Graduates

6 Mar. 2021

Congratulations to our second round of CCSE (Comprehensive Computer Education) graduates! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓Students completed their 5 year-long program and learned Robotics, Programming, Game Development, 2D/3D Graphics, Computer Hardware, IT Fundamentals, Web ...