Competitive Robotics Teams ready for FLL semi-finals

Three out of five our robotics teams advanced to the semi-finals and are ready to present their hard work and fight for advancing to the state competition. Robotics, missions, research project, presentation, talking to experts, having teamwork exercises, designing a logo, t-shirts, and buttons, unveil creativity in a lot of different ways, and having a lot of fun – this is what it’s all about 🙂 We are so proud of our kids and their parents that are the heart and soul of our big STEP IT Academy team!


30578  Space Pirate Pickles – STEP IT Academy Team #1 (Check team dedicated page here:

30577  Galaxy Rulers – STEP IT Academy Team #2 (Check team dedicated page here:

30579  The Shooting Stars – STEP IT Academy Team #3

38485  The Titans – STEP IT Academy Team #4

38486  Quantum Computers – STEP IT Academy Team #5


Wish them all success!