30577 STEP Computer Academy Team #2 – Galaxy Rulers

We are the Galaxy Rulers. We have a great time and we are productive so we decided to log it:




Friday, Sept 7th

– We opened our FLL pack!!!

– We discussed the robot game and the season challenge

– We decided our roles

– We came up with the design for our t-shirts. We will add our moto there –We Measure the Galaxy!




Friday, Sept 14th

– Today we discussed Core Values

– We built the models for the robot game and discussed the missions

– We discussed project presentation

– We voted on the style of our presentation





Friday, Sept 21st

– We did a research to find the problem

– We practiced Core Values.

– We evaluated and ranked missions




Friday, Sept 28th

– We found our problem – Oxygen on Mars!

– We worked on ideas for solution

– We worked on the robot design



Thursday, Oct 4th

– Princeton went on a field trip to the Museum of Flight! He asked experts about the space and our problem and solution ideas.



Friday, Oct 5th

– We talked about our solution today

– Princeton told us everything he found out in the Museum of Flight

– We worked on Core Values

– Our coach Brandon had a vacation and we didn’t do robots




Friday, Oct 12th

– Today we got our exact problem and ¾ of our solution—Build a Greenhouse to Provide Oxygen

– We talked about Core Values questions

– We worked on our mission planning sheets




Friday, Oct 19th

– Today we did some more research

– We had a Skype meeting with the expert Amy Shira Teitel.

Amy is a spaceflight historian, author and she has her own YouTube channel – Vintage Space (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw95T_TgbGHhTml4xZ9yIqg).

Sunday, Oct 21st

– Today we watched movies about Space together with other teams



Friday, Oct 26th

– Today we worked on our research about plants and domes

– We did a Core Values exercise. We sorted different things.

– Today we built the attachments




Friday, Nov 2nd

– We did some core values exercise. We built a newspaper tower.

– Today we worked more on our research. We found Mars One who is going to send people to Mars. (https://www.mars-one.com/)

– We tested some missions



Friday, Nov 9th

– Today we worked on core values questions

– We talked about our board

– Today we completed some missions




Monday, Nov 12th

– Princeton, Felix and Urvi worked on our brochure and model.

– Felix planted Zinnia and Aloe Vera seeds for our project experiment

– Princeton read the book about growing plants on Mars

Friday, Nov 16th

– Today we talked about our presentation form and decided to do a skit

– We found that Oxygen on Mars will not work very well. We brainstormed for the new solution and decided to use plants to avoid homesickness. We decided to plant the plants which will be from the astronauts’ hometown to help them to avoid homesickness.

– Owen and Vedika prepared the emails to NASA, Mars One, Wageningen University, Apis-Cor, SpaceX, Amy Shira Teitel and Bastyr University.

– We prepared to the robotics competition





Sunday, Nov 25th

– We worked on our board



Wednesday, Nov 28th

– We met with Tedrick Mealy. He is an Outreach Coordinator at Washington NASA Space Grant in UW.


Friday, Nov 30th

– We did a dry run for our robot

– We received a positive feedback from NASA and Prof. Thais Russomano from Mars One. Both said that our idea is great!

– We did more research about Mars One and their Mars 100 team – the astronauts who will go to Mars. We found their home states and states’ plants.

– We received the emails from Wageningen University and Apis-Cor that they are ready to give us a feedback



Monday, Dec 3rd

– We did a Core Values exercise. We created the longest paper clip chain.

– We worked on our Project cost, script and our board.

– We did a dry run for our robot


Competition is on Sunday!



Friday, Dec 7th   

– We did a dry run for the robots, project and core values

– We shot the videos of our project presentation

Competition is soon!


Saturday, Dec 8th   


– We did …Competition is TOMORROW!





Saturday, Dec 9th


We did it!



Friday, Dec 14th

Our First meeting after Qualifiers competition!

Today we talked about scoring on Qualifiers and about how we can improve

Also, we had a party with muffins & juice!  🙂



Friday, Dec 21st

We did some e-mail responses, worked on our Core Values board and a bit on our Project (further development)



Monday, Jan 7th

Today we elaborated our Project, did a research on Mars 100 and also had a Core Values exercise.

Friday, Jan 11th


Today we:

  • Worked on our Project board
  • Did a Core Values exercise
  • Worked on our Core Values board

After our class we had a meeting with Carl LeCompt. He is one of Mars 100 finalists and he lives in Bellevue, WA!!!

We discussed Mars One program with him and asked him a lot of questions. We found out that he would like to have some sort of a tree on Mars, so we are thinking of a Flowering Dogwood – it is also Virginia State Flower.

Also, we received Martian Soil Simulant from the Martian Garden Company!! Felix planted California Poppy and Zinnia in a mix of regular soil and Martian soil.


Friday, Jan 18th

We all worked on our Project and boards throughout a week. We finished our brochures!

Today we worked on our Project presentation and boards! Also, the seeds Felix planted in a mix of a regular soil and Martian Soil Simulant grew!! Felix planted Flowering Dogwood today.

Today is the last day before our Semi-Final competition! Wish us luck!! 🙂